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How Do You Reach Customers?

It's not as easy as it used to be. You used to go to your local newspaper, place an ad, and wait. Or make a flier and mail it to the neighborhood. Now junk mail is recycled before it's opened, and very few people buy an actual paper. (Well, I do, but I love the Sudoku puzzle in pen and paper.)

An online presence is easy! Name, address (maybe a map), phone number (a LARGE phone number), description of service.


It doesn't seem so long ago . . .

I started developing websites back in 1997, with HTML code and colors and callouts. I now realize that was 26 years ago. Yipes. It was fun then, and it's still fun now.  Website development began to get complicated with flashing video and crazy tricks that didn't translate well to cell phones. Now we're back to streamlined and simple communication and it's really great.


Rebecca Harper

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The Written Word

Everyone has an opinion, and every writer can write a blog describing that opinion in detail. This means you can find the perfect blog for your site. Drive traffic, create interest, establish brand loyalty, the written word can accomplish this. Where video seemed to kill the radio star (nod to Bruce Woolley and the Camera Club), who would recognize that the printed word would return with such presence?

Whatever you do, PLEASE make sure someone proofreads your material. Oh, you might think it's not important, but you are judged with every syntax or grammatical error. Just take a few moments to make sure everything is correct.