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The Blogging Business

I love to write.

There are so many great subjects to write about. Medieval times, Victorian food, sewing, pets, quilting, you name it, and I'll write it. Did you know that having a blog can boost your traffic immeasurably? People access the internet to find out more - more facts, more stories, more details. I have an app that tells me what music I am listening to (and if the composition is my very own!) We look up people's dates. Abe Vigoda - dead or alive? (Actually, dead, in 2016.) Max Baer, Jr. (actually, Maximilian Adalbert Baer, Jr, alive.) See? It's amazing.

So many explanations of so many scientific principles. Hubble's Law of Cosmic Expansion? Laws of Thermodynamics? Theory of Relativity? Evolution and Natural Selection? Look it up. (How many times did you hear THAT from your parents?)

So, write it down and make it interesting. People will read it.




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